In the Church

Meditation Classes

Teaching introduction to meditation in 2020
Mindfullness Meditation

Tuesday, 6pm

Join us to find out more about how meditation can improve your everyday life.

In the hall

We make our church hall available to a number of community groups.

Tango Classes

eTango run tango dance classes. There is a class to suit everyone.

ABK Karate

Karate develops physical fitness, strength and confidence. Contact John for more information.

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu in the lineage of Ip Man, is taught on Monday nights at 6 pm in the hall. Wing Chun is a traditional Chinese martial art that focuses on harnessing an opponent’s energy and is a practical self-defence system for people of all ages and sizes. Sifu Costa Stratikopoulos teaches the classes at Red Hill.

Sifu Costa (left) and Si Gong Tom(right) at Ip Man memorial in Foshan, China

Alcoholics Anonymous

Having trouble with alcohol? Does your drinking worry you? Is it causing you to get into unpleasant or dangerous situations? Are family members complaining about your drinking?

For many years AA has been meeting in the hall on Sunday evenings at 6pm.