Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find out a little it more about us?

What do Anglican’s believe?

St Barnabas Red Hill is part of the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane, which in turn is part of the Anglican Church of Australia and the worldwide Anglican Communion.

We are a Christian church that follows the teachings of Jesus, as found in the Bible.

You can find more out about our specific beliefs here.

Do I have to be Anglican to go to your church?

Absolutely not.  Jesus welcomed all people and We are very proud of our tradition of welcoming everyone to our church.  For most people, faith and spiritual journey is a life long process.  If you are just curious please come along.  If you are a baptised member of another Christian church, you are also invited to share the Lord’s supper (communion) with us.

Can I get married in your Church?

We would welcome you to come along and discuss your big day with us.  We think there is something very special about Marriage, which believe is a gift from God. Please contact the Rector for more information.

Are you able to do funerals?

St Barnabas is available for anyone who wishes a Christian funeral service, regardless of their denomination or if they were a member of the parish.  We work with your chosen funeral director to make this possible.   Please contact the Rector for more details.

Can we hire the hall?

Yes you can. We rent the hall to a number of community groups and private organisations.

Rates are:

  • Casual  $40 per hour
  • Regular commercial  $20 per hour
  • Charity / Not-for-profit Inc  $10 per hour

For more details email [email protected]

Note: we do require you to have insurance, sign a hire agreement, and to be conducting activities compatible with the aims of the Church.